Nadiia Sheremetieva
Coloratura soprano


April 2023

Bergische Blätter

100.000 Gedanken in einer Sekunde

Die Ukrainerin Nadiia Sheremetieva findet ihre neue musikalische Heimat im Bergischen

April 12,


What a voice! Nadiia Sheremetieva (coloratura soprano) and Diala Hanana (pianist) invited people to this special concert on April 12, 2024. In doing so, she made the venerable building vibrate, because these are the highest notes that coloratura sopranos can sing.

April 07,


Rheinische Post

Ukrainian artists enchant in the city church
'The Ukrainian coloratura soprano Nadiia Sheremetieva is no longer unknown in Wülfrath. Most recently, in January of this year, she thrilled the audience with the Ensemble Al Watan at the Awo-Kulturbistro. Now she is appearing again in the Kalkstadt.'

March 11,


Aachner Zeitung

Ein Konzert und ein überraschendes Bekenntnis

"Equipped with an impressive voice, Sheremetieva captivated the visitors in the small hall. Those present were enthusiastic and applauded loudly after each piece of the one and a half hour long concert."

January 29, 2024

Westdeutsche Zeitung

“Nadiia Shremetieva filled the room with the impressive volume of her trained voice, accompanied by an extraordinary ensemble of various guitars, harps and accordions. Finely plucked, hit hard, gently stroked and rhythmically tapped - the classical and electric guitars provided strong rhythms, as well as the metallic, delicate sound of the harp in correspondence with the bright and lively sound of the mandolins. Enthusiastic shouts and thunderous applause also paid spontaneous recognition to the actors."

January 29, 2024


"What a start to the cultural program of the AWO-Kulturbistro 2024: ‘An impressive concert with a fantastic singer Nadiia Sheremetieva,’ was how one audience member summed up Al Watan’s concert in the AWO-Kulturbistro."

Octobre 12, 2023 

Ronsdorfer Wochenschau

Arien und mehr in der Kath. Kirche St. Joseph

Octobre 08, 2023

Wuppertaler Rundschau

Sheremetieva und Danise: Sopran trifft Piano


Viertelklang: "Im Januar präsentierten Nadiia Sheremetieva (r., Koloratursopran) und Carolina Danise (Piano) Opernarien in der Friedenskirche in Remscheid. Jetzt treten die beiden in Ronsdorf auf."


Der "Viertelklang" bringt Ronsdorf zum Klingen - Auch Nadiia Sheremetieva macht mit


Beitrag des österreichischen Fernsehens ORF über das Konzert auf Schloss Heiligenkreuz-Gutenbrunn bei Wien   (Download)

Beitrag des österreichischen Fernsehens ORF über das Konzert auf Schloss Heiligenkreuz-Gutenbrunn bei Wien   (Link)


Heiligenkreuz-Gutenbrunn: Ein Dreieinhalbjähriger im Rampenlicht


فنانة روسية - أوكرانية تكشف لـ"النهار العربي" مشروعها الأوبرالي في سوريا ولبنان


„Con molta passione“ erklingt in der Stadtkirche


Zupfinstrumente - "mit viel Leidenschaft"


„Rassismus ist ein trauriges Dauerthema“


Mit Kultur Brücken bauen

Building bridges with culture
Al Watan's second solo singer, Nadiia Sheremetieva, has a fantastic voice. The daughter of a Ukrainian and a Syrian, speaking nine languages, delivered a colorful array of well-known songs from Ukraine and the Arabic-speaking world. After the final song “We are the World, we are the Children” the audience could no longer stay on their seats.


Kundgebung: Ukraine - Ein Zeichen für den Frieden setzen


Demo für die Ukraine und den Frieden am Freitag


Wülfrath: "Die Königin der Nacht"


Remscheider und Ukrainerin organisieren zusammen Konzerte


"Die Königin der Nacht": Klassik in Wülfrath


Friedensdemo am Freitag - Radio Wuppertal


Für den Frieden - Katholische Kirche in Wuppertal


Erdbeben-Benefizkonzert im Café Swane


Friedensdemo zum Jahrestag des Überfalls auf die Ukraine


Wuppertaler demokratische Kräfte laden zur Friedensdemo


Westdeutsche Zeitung

Ein hochkarätiges Duo verzauberte

A top-class duo enchanted
Together with the pianist Denis Yavorsky she gave an impressive concert. The top-class duo quickly enchanted the audience, Sheremetieva with her impressive singing. For her, rising vocally and maintaining the notes seemed effortless. She was still able to express so much with subtle facial expressions and gestures. There was a lot of applause for a duo that was absolutely worth listening to.


Flucht aus der Ukraine


Zum Jahresabschluss im Hoftheater ein Klassik-Höhepunkt


Pfälzer Schloss - Groß-Umstadt


Soiree in the castle
Unfortunately, many culture-goers would have missed out on a real experience with this concert, as one visitor judged the most recent soirée. In the end, the feeling of happiness remained that of having been part of a very personal, uniquely high-quality concert with likeable artists. It's actually impossible to put into words what a gifted singing artist we were able to witness here.


Musikalisches Zeichen für ein gemeinsames Miteinander


Ein klassischer Abend


"Al Watan" - Zeichen gegen Hass und Hetze


"makoge"-Konzert mit Top-Sopranistin aus der Ukraine


"makoge": Konzert mit ukrainischer Top-Sopranistin


Die Stadtzeitung

WUPPERTAL HILFT! Nadiia Sheremetieva singt für ihr Land

'In their homeland there is war and despair! Nadiia Sheremetieva helps her compatriots in a very special way. The soprano sings at the 14th charity festival of the WUPPERTAL HILFT! e.V. for people in need in Ukraine and for refugee women and children.
In addition to the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra, which is conducted by Patrick Hahne, the youngest general music director in the German-speaking region, the performances by the Ukrainian opera singer Nadiia Sheremetieva ... are among the absolute highlights.'