Nadiia Sheremetieva
Coloratura soprano


The terrible images from Ukraine are still with us all. That is why we - Nadiia Sheremetieva and Thomas Horrion - started to help in the summer of 2022.
Nadiia is the director of the charity foundation 'renes-sans' in Ukraine, through which she receives daily appeals for help ( Thomas collects donations and transfers the money directly to the affected people via Western Union. We receive a receipt that the money has usually reached the people in need on the same day.
In this way we have already been able to help many people in Ukraine directly.
Three examples:
- An old man without income is able to buy expensive medicines thanks to our help.
- Two women from Dnipro who lost all their belongings in the Russian bombardment on 15 January were helped.
- A woman with four children whose flat was bombed was financed a life-saving operation for her mother.
Both of us - Nadiia Sheremetieva (opera singer, coloratura soprano) and Thomas Horrion (former tax investigator and member of the board of the charity association 'Wuppertal-Hilft' / are personally responsible for ensuring that all the money reaches the people in need in full.
Please help us! On behalf of the people in Ukraine.
Thank you very much for your support!
Thomas Horrion, Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal, IBAN DE81 3305 0000 0004 5843 97